Music Playlist (Dec. 11th, 2016)

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*All genres welcome from all corners of the earth

Destroy The Runner – End Transmission
purchase their latest EP “Void” HERE

Dead Light Shines – Never Sleep
purchase their latest EP “The Never Sleep” HERE

The Anchor – Skeptic
purchase their latest album “A World Ahead” HERE

Bad Luck Kitty – Rockabilly
purchase track HERE

Ironkill – As Angels Burn
purchase latest EP “Death From Above” HERE

Atoll – Forced Xenotransplantation
purchase their debut album “The Gathering Swarm” HERE

Battered Suitcases – Vainglorious
purchase EP “Vainglorious” HERE

Sectas – Inside Out
contact band to purchase latest album “Bootstrap Paradox”

Animus Complex – Horizon
purchase album “Immersion” HERE

Xpansion Theory – Evolution
purchase album “Black Eye Of God” HERE

Nurse’s Dead Bodies – Serial Killer
purchase EP “…Says Hell…O” HERE

Lifelink – Ambivalent
download EP “Nothing” HERE

Absolute Threshold – Acromion
purchase album “Defying Gravity” HERE

Wolves Of Winter – Astrothoughts
purchase self-titled album HERE

Labor Party – Overhead

Windows Of Lucidity – When Pigs Fly
download track HERE



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