Agents Of Lust – Live at Starlite Lounge Set. 21st, 2018


The Agents Of LUST Are An Extreme Performance Entertainment Troupe Featuring Staged Fire, Grinding, and Fetish Performances From Nov. 2012 To Present Day. The Troupe Has Rotating Members GRANTHRAX ( 2012 to present day ), LORD BRUCIFER ( 2012 to present day ), KARLA KAOZ ( 2012 to present day ), TRINK ( 2014 to present day ), HEATHER NANCE ( 2015 to present day ), ANGIE STEAK MIRANDA ( 2015 to present day ), BRITNI BLOODSHED ( 2016 to present day ), BABY JAE ( 2017 to present day ), And Newly Added ACID WORMWOOD ( 2018 to present day ), And KIMICAL WARFARE ( 2018 to present day ). Performing In Venues All Over Arizona And California, The Agents Of LUST Are Known For Their Outlandish And Shocking Performances Including Fire Breathing, The Operation Of Grinders On Metal Emitting Excessive Sparks, Lavish Revealing Costumes Of A Seductive And Horrific Style, Along With Decorated Stage Props And Signage; The Agents Of LUST Always Put On A Show You Will Not Soon Forget.

Check out all of the photos I took of them down below.









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