Doyle – Live At Club Red Dec. 9th, 2018

I had the pleasure of shooting the legendary Doyle over at Club Red when they stopped here Dec. 9th. You can see the rest of my photo spread towards the bottom of this article.

Legendary guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has broken new ground with his solo project, “DOYLE”. A horror based hard rock/metal band of epic proportions. Still grinding out heavy riffs is the hulking monster himself, Doyle of @!#$$? fame, and Alex Story from ‘Cancerslug provides vocals filled with misanthropic rage, while still capturing the beauty of the dark side. Solidifying the quartet is Brandon Strate on bass, and Wade Murff beating the drums, unifying the skull crushing sound that is the machine Doyle himself has put together. DOYLE cranks out music as scary as the Misfits, as doom laden as Black Sabbath, and has the same hard-hitting in your face style of metal as Motorhead or Slayer.



  1. These photos are as vivid as the concert itself,alive with force capture in time.Very good work per the usual.-Marco(The f stop analog photographer /developer)

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