Empire Of Dezire live at Joe’s Grotto Sept. 14th, 2019


Empire of Dezire is an all original metal group consisting of 6 members: Guitarist Ken Howey and vocalist Tulin Howey who joined forces in Toledo, Ohio, then brought their music to Phoenix, AZ along with original member and bassist Kyle Beaver in the early 90’s. They had been very successful but ran into the most common reasons musicians usually fall off the radar..addiction as well as financial demands and a drop off in what once was a flourishing metal scene. After a long hiatus mixed with smaller projects in between, their passion for music and a resurgence in Arizona based metal once again ignited a desire to create new songs that have been inspired by world events, mysticism, and the human condition. Empire of Dezire currently has four albums: Chrome which was released in 2013, Paradigm in 2014, Prime in 2016, and most recently their 3 song E.P. Entitled A.I. in 2018.